Brazilian Grand Prix

Brazilian Grand Prix
Hoch Zwei

Address Brazil
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Date Built Unknown
Ownership Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Track(s) 306.649km
Number of Laps 71
Lap Distance 4.326km
On Site Parking Unknown
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Tenants Formula One

Sources:Team Marketing Report and Mediaventures

At the start, the cars race down to the Descida do Sol which drops downhill to the left. It is approached in 6/7th gear at about 180 mph. Then braking very hard (-3.3g), the cars approach the S do Senna Ė a left-right-left section which begins with Curva 1, one of just two places were you might get to see overtaking manoeuvres as they try to out-brake one another. Cars take this corner in 2nd gear at 60 mph changing up to 3rd gear and accelerating through 100 mph towards the final turn in the sequence (Curva do Sol) and a 4th gear 140 mph. Hard on the throttle, cars accelerate to 180 mph along the Reta Oposta straight in top gear at 180 mph.

The Descida do Lago is a tight left-hand corner to which there is a bumpy entrance, which often throws rash drivers into a spin. Those who get through it take it in 3rd gear at 85 mph, having braked hard at its entrance. Drivers who get it right can often get past those who donít at this point. After a short straight, another left-hander (135 mph in 4th gear) swings the cars back on themselves as they accelerate to 170 mph before braking hard at the entrance to Ferradura.

The Ferradura is a sweeping, double apex right-hander with an extremely bumpy entrance. Probably the most difficult corner on the circuit as it is approached downhill and at speed Ė 5th gear at 165 mph. After going through the first apex in 3rd gear at around 100 mph, the car drifts out for the second apex and, on exiting at the top in 3rd, another right-hander is on top of you almost immediately as Pinheirinho approaches which is taken in 2nd gear at about 55 mph.

Brazilian Grand Prix
The Pinheirinho is a very tight left-hander that is only taken in 2nd gear at 60 mph, exited in 3rd gear, and then itís up to 4th for the approach to another tight corner, this time with a right-hand turn. The Bico de Pato (also known as CotovÍlo) is taken in 2nd at just over 70 mph and exited in 3rd gear, climbing to 5th as the car makes for a left-hander prior to turning for Mergulho. This sweeping corner is taken in 4th gear at 145 mph before accelerating along to the 3rd-gear JunÁ„o.

Subida do Boxes marks the entrance to two left-handed curves, both banked and going up hill. The first is approached at 110 mph and is followed by Arquebancada, which is taken in 5th gear at 160 mph. Acceleration continues as the Start-Finish line straight comes into view and is crossed at about 185 mph.


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