British Grand Prix

Address Austria
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Date Built Unknown
Ownership Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Track(s) 308.4km
Number of Laps 60
Lap Distance 5.14km
On Site Parking Unknown
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Tenants Formula One

Sources:Team Marketing Report and Mediaventures

From the grid, cars pull away and the straight allows speeds of 175 mph to be reached on the approach to Copse. This right-hand corner is blind but, at 140 mph, very fast, so fast in fact that drivers don’t normally brake – just change down a gear. Switching back up, cars thunder on towards Maggots at 175 mph and shift down twice as they wave their way first through Maggotts and then Becketts – as the track wiggles left-right, left-right, slowing down to 100 mph before Chapel ends the series of left-right bends and is accelerated through, coming out at 155 mph in 6th gear.

The Hanger Straight is the fastest part of the circuit, at 185 mph in top gear, before braking hard into Stowe, a right-hand turn that can be taken in 4th gear and speeds of 105 mph maintained. Vale is a quick straight in which the cars go through at something like 160 mph with a 2nd-gear, sharp left into Club, a right-hand corner taken at 50 mph and then accelerated through and the cars swing back on themselves at 130 mph. Both Vale and Club present good overtaking opportunities, not least because they are tricky to negotiate and understeer comes into play. Up through two gears into 6th and 170 mph towards Abbey, a 3rd-gear, 75 mph corner which flips into Farm at 100 mph and up to 160 mph along Farm Straight.

British Grand Prix
Bridge marks the entrance to the ‘Complex’, a section of the track containing bends at Priory, Brooklands and Luffield. The corners at Bridge and Priory are fast, entering the first at 150 mph and exiting the second at 100 mph. Priory, along with Brooklands, steer the car through 180 degrees. Brooklands, along with Luffield, again turn the car around and are both negotiated in 2nd gear at between 50-80 mph. Luffield used to be two corners called Luffield 1 and Luffield 2 prior to 1996. On exit, it’s a quick dash through Woodcote at 165 mph and a smooth turn to the right before hitting the Start-Finish straight at 175 mph. At the start of 1998 Silverstone re-named the sequence of corners from Priory to Luffield as ‘The Grandstand’ and intends to install more grandstand steating in this area.


Formula 1


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